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    1121 Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice

    A variety of Elongated Grain Length, separately cooked grains - choice of royal cuisine.

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    Super Kernel Basmati Rice

    The Basmati aroma, none other variety can beat! Sharp edged grains, choice of high quality rice lovers.

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    Super Basmati Rice

    This superior grade basmati rice is a fast moving variety for its price competitiveness and great taste.

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    PK 385 Basmati Rice

    An everyday basmati rice variety seen on retail store shelves both in bulk and consumer packing.

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Basmati Rice Exporters

Alfarid Corporation is the top ranked Basmati Rice Exporters, Millers Manufacturers and Suppliers in Pakistan since 1972. The major rice varieties we carry include Extra Long Grain 1121 Basmati Rice, Super Kernel Basmati Rice Aged to Perfection meaning atleast 24 months old crop, Super Basmati Rice and PK 385 Basmati Rice. Our basmati rice is picked from the Punjab belt of Himalayas in Pakistan, grains having strong basmati aroma, nutty flavor and great taste. Our in-house blends of basmati rice include Biryani Basmati Rice, Aromatic Rice and Long Grain Basmati Rice. The varieties of parboiled rice include long grain, Super Kernel Sella, 1121 Parboiled Rice and Super Basmati Sela Rice.

As basmati rice exporters, we are committed to understanding your needs and delivering value during every phase of the transaction. Our exports of Pakistani super kernel basmati, extra long grain basmati 1121 and parboiled long grain IRRI-9/IRRI-6 rice can be found in major markets around the globe. Alfarid has set new standards in quality control and inspection processes at its sites. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and a registered member of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Alfarid Corporation is also internationally recognized by the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP), Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is a Gold Supplier Member of Alibaba.

1121 Basmati Rice and Super Kernal Basmati Rice are specialty of Alfarid Corporation and are very much liked by the customers owing to its extra long grain length and separate grains upon cooking.

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Rice Brands

Alfarid is the specialized basmati rice exporters of brands that are registered with the Trademarks and Copyright offices with the Government of Pakistan. Brand ZOQ is the Top Notch Super Kernel Basmati Rice perfectly aged for excellent cooking results. Brand ALFARID 1121 is Extra Long 1121 Basmati Rice and Brand ALFARID Superior Basmati Rice is the Punjab Super variety. Brand MEGA and Aa’La are second tier aged for atleast one year Super Kernel Basmati Rice Brands. Brand ALFARID Gold is the Parboiled Super Kernel Extra Long Grain Rice, Brand 6TH GOLD is the Long Grain Sella variety and Brand 9 STAR is our Long Grain White Rice.